the bee’s knees

I was recently given an adorable jar of local honey, and took it home wondering what I could do with this golden jar of perfection. So I went searching and researching and several articles later, I was smitten with honey. I definitely took this golden magic potion for granted, until now! Yes, you might think its great drizzled on biscuits or a delicious sweetener for your cup of tea. I couldn’t agree more, but it’s also amazing for, are you ready for this, your face!

Before I go any further, I have to say, I am not claiming to be a doctor, herbalist or any other professional. I am strictly laying out my views, opinions and experience with this golden perfection. Please be cautious and aware of honey allergies, as well. There, I said it, and now all I can do is share with you my new appreciation for those little buzz bees.


Here are are a few benefits of HONEY!!
  1. Skin protectant:  Honey has natural antioxidants, anti-fungal, and anti-microbes in it to aid in protecting your skin from environmental elements. It also helps heal wounds, rashes and fights off different skin infections. The anti-microbial properties speed up healing and act as a natural wound dressing.
  2. Facial cleanser:  Add a dollop of honey to a splash of water and the natural enzymes will create a mild antiseptic, that will create a super cleanser that will not strip your skin of its natural oils. It will leave behind a happy moisturized face!!
  3. Blemish Control:  An excellent spot control treatment for those pesky pimples. Use a small amount of honey on problem areas and leave on for 15 minutes, or more, then rinse off. The bacteria in acne and pimples will be zapped away by the antibacterial properties in the honey. With daily use, you will see great improvement in your complexion. I have!
  4. Anti-aging:  Wrinkles and fine lines caused by normal aging and many different environmental elements are visibly lessened from the amount of moisture the honey provides and leaves behind on your skin. Honey has been proven to increase the skins production of collagen and allowing for improved elasticity, therefore creating more vibrant, youthful skin.
It’s very important to use only Raw Honey on your face. Raw honey is honey that has not been heated, pasteurized or processed in any way, it’s simply, just honey! It’s a great idea to use local honey, which is what I would recommend. Stay clear of most grocery store honey, most have been pasteurized and what is left is simply a sweetener.
honey_1 copy
Want an amazing facial mask? Slather honey all over your pretty face and let the golden magic potion do its job. Let it sit for 15 minutes, or more. I like to apply the honey and let it sit while I get something else done. When I’m ready to rinse I simply splash my face with water and the honey is easily washed away. I recommend finishing it off with a little extra boost by moisturizing with some coconut oil. Try it once and you will definitely fall in love and see improvements in your skin. Honey really is, the bee’s knees!!

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