loving lately

Brandy J:brandylovinglately1 Collecting delicate pendant necklaces for layering. Love the effortless look of it. (image source Fox On The Run) 2 Topping saltines with jam or peanut putter & dark chocolate. Perfect snacking bites! 3 My SUPER low-rise H&M jeans. I laughed when I bought them, thinking I would never wear. Surprisingly they have become my go-to denim and I now own two pair.

Shan:shanlovinglately1 Caribou Obsidian. A change up from my usual Dark Magic. If you love bold coffee, this is YUM. 2 Painted baby piggies. Vacation calls for pretty toes for everyone! 3 Retro inspired suits. Obsessed with how classy yet fun and youthful these suits are! (Suit pictured is Anthropologie)


1 Loving all things Tortoise. BAUBLEBAR has some amazing pieces. 2 M.A.C., Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Soft and Gentle, adds that extra little pizazz to your foundation. I cannot get enough of the metallic finish. 3 My husband and I recently saw the Avett Brother’s in concert and Jill Andrews started the night out with an amazing show. She is definitely worth checking out.


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