prime time

I am often asked how I get my eyeshadow to be so vibrant and last so long. The answer is actually quite simple. A must have in my cosmetic bag is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This amazing product is even easy to apply. Just squeeze a small dab on your finger and smear over your entire eyelid. Continue with your eyeshadow as normal and you will see a difference immediately. If you are familiar with this amazing little tube you already know how amazing it is. If this is new to you, I promise you will love it.


Eyeshadow primer, yes or no? Does it really make a difference? I promise you it definitely does. The primer grabs onto your eyeshadow and holds on for dear life, well, for at least 24 hours and won’t crease.


*Pictured above is the same eyeshadow color, one with primer and one without. Now do you believe me?*

Urban Decay has four shades of eye primer potion. The Original dries invisible and is perfect for any shade of eyeshadow. The other three shades Eden, Sin and Greed are shades that can be worn alone, with eyeshadow, or as highlighters!


1. Original, invisible finish, my favorite must have. 2. Sin, champagne shimmer, great worn alone or under eyeshadow to add a little extra bronze shimmer. 3. Eden, a nude and flat finish, is great worn alone for that naked eye look or perfect under eyeshadow for a flat finish. 4. Greed, gold shimmer, perfect worn alone for a hint of gold shimmer or under shadow to brighten them up.

Try one, or all four, you won’t be disappointed!




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