althea’s picks

A little warmer temps and some much-needed sunshine had my family excited to get out of the house and head to the park this past weekend.  I was getting coats and shoes around while Althea (3 yrs old) went running upstairs. I finished getting Vada around and Seth was packing up our boxer, Myles. Everyone was ready to head out, except Althea. I hollered for her so we could go. She came running with her little makeup kit and told me she wasn’t ready yet. “Mommy, I NOT ready, I need to put my makeup and lipstick on.” I reassured her she looked beautiful and that she didn’t need her makeup on to go to the park, but she insisted. She told me that she just needed her lipstick on and we could go. She finished applying her pretty red lipstick, her favorite, and we headed out the door for a great afternoon at the park.

It seems like every day Althea gets more and more interested in hair, makeup, and fashion. It truly makes my heart melt. I love that she wants to pick her own clothes out and wear a little makeup and style her hair just like mommy’s. I love that she is her own little stylish person.

Althea’s spring fashion picks:

kidsoutfitHand picked by Althea herself. 1. Mixed- stripe bow top| GAP   2. Neon denim jacket| GAP   3. colored dot skimmer jeans| GAP   4. Textured round sunglasses| GAP   5. Slip-on cap toe sneakers| GAP

Our favorite tear free shampoo & Leave in Conditioner:


 1 Baby Don’t Cry Taming Spray, detangles damp or dry hair. 2. Baby Don’t Cry Shampoo, Tear free shampoo and body wash in one.

Althea cannot get enough pretend makeup:


A fun pretend makeup set by Little Cosmetics| Etsy





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