diy glam throw pillows


We live in a very old house. Oh, I mean historical house. This classic, farm house lady gets very upset when I refer to her as old. She’s well over 110, has truly great bones, a dreamy wrap around porch, and plenty of character. I really try my best to outfit her inside to match her timeless outside. This means lots of tufted furniture, relic style pieces, and the right amount of glam. Our office sofa has recently been glaring at me each and every time I walked by. I can’t blame her. She’s a gorgeous shade of gray, soft and velvety, and has been waiting for some accessory throw pillows for far too long. I pictured something with a bit of sparkle, but justifying to my husband spending anything more than $10.00 on a pillow, would do nothing but cause a pillow fight. Simple home style DIY to the rescue.


You will need:

  • Plain throw pillow cases in the size and color of your choice. (I found the best prices and selection on Etsy, but they are sold at some home craft stores as well)
  • Freezer paper. Sold at any grocery store
  • Fabric Paint. (I used Tulip brand, sold at any craft store)
  • Warm iron, no steam
  • Scissors
  • A printed image of your choice for your pillow.



  1. Iron your cases so you have a nice flat surface to paint.
  2. Take your freezer paper, (gloss side down), and trace the printed image for your case.
  3. Cut out your image, preserving the outline. Remember, it is the outline that you are using as your stencil.
  4. Iron on your freezer paper, (gloss side DOWN), in the placement you have chosen. Do not use the steam feature. Lay all stencils out first if you are using more than one. I always iron on my large cutting board for a nice hard surface. Make sure to press down any small edges for a good seal.
  5. Paint! Don’t go heavy on your paint. If a second layer is needed, wait until the first sets up a bit.
  6. Peal your freezer paper off. This is the best part! I suggest pulling freezer paper off before your paint has fully dried, to achieve a clean edge.
  7. Let dry. Or blast it with a bit of cool air from your hair dryer.

Voila! This is the moment I always feel like Becky Homecky, and I can craft anything. I chose metallic paint for my pillows for a bit of shine, but be creative here! Select shades that will complement your space. At the end, I used some bead paint for a little extra embellishment. I prefer painting with sponges because they are easier on the paper edges, and really get in all the tiny spaces if you are painting something more intricate. Between the metallic paint, and the pretty patterns, I think my sofa has forgiven me for ignoring her. And I must say, she looks super stylish in her new glam.


This simple technique allows you to create exactly what you are looking for and define your home style all on your own. Finding what feels the most you is the most fun in a home decor journey. When you have created something you take pride in, it becomes such a reflection of your style, and your room will start to feel like bits and pieces of yourself. But that’s just pillow talk. ;o)



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