forcing spring

spring_transition_1 Packing for my weekend in Kalamazoo, MI I knew that I wanted to wear a “transitional” Spring look for our Saturday dinner plans.  Pleased with my choice I happily zipped my bag and off I went with an “I’m such a smart planner” grin.  Halfway there I took a peek at the weather forecast – yeah, should have done that sooner.  Being a tough girl I decided it was ok and that my fabulous ensemble would keep me plenty warm.  Upon arrival not only did I realize I forgot the clutch to finish my look but clean underpants as well (insert husband sigh here).  Needless to say the latter became priority and off to Target we went.  At least Mother Nature took pity on me and threw some toasty sunlight on my handbag-less photo shoot.  Of course it did not last long and I had no choice but to throw on my depressing black wool coat.  I was however the only person in the restaurant not wearing socks – told you I’m tough.spring_transition_2 spring_transition_3 spring_transition_4 spring_transition_5|WEARING| floral top similar/white blazer similar/H&M jeans/BCBGeneration nude pumps/black & gold bracelet similar/multicolored bracelet similar



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