easy fun flirty curls

What girl doesn’t adore a fast recipe for fun, flirty hair?  This style works for nearly any length- and whats better, it doesn’t need to be perfect.  About 10 minutes with your curling iron and you’re all set!


Before beginning be sure to blow dry your hair to give it extra volume, and apply any product that you like to use.  Our blow dry volume go-to is Big Sexy Hair Root Pump.  Spray at the roots, work into hair, and then blow dry while directing your hair against its natural direction.  Once your hair is completely dry, section if needed.


Begin curling by wrapping one inch sections around the barrel of the iron- while it is flipped upside down.  The larger the section,  the larger the curls.  Work your way around your head taking a variety of different sized sections to make the curls flow more easily.  Touch up any straight ends as you go.  Short on time? You can cheat by simply adding a bit of curl to only the ends- no one will know!flirty_curls_3 flirty_curls_4Once the curls are complete, run your fingers through and mess it up a bit. (Yes, mess it up!).  Pull sections from your crown, hairspray and tease back to add volume.  Depending on your length and hair type, you can finish with a wax based product to add texture (our favorite is Kenra Texturizing Taffy) or shine, with a product such as Bumble and Bumble Let It Shine.flirty_curls_5flirty_curls_6Long or short, full or thin- add this easy style to your morning routine.  These curls will add some fabulous to your everyday look!


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