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This should come as no surprise – we HEART blogs! So much of our inspiration comes from amazing bloggers – their original content and impeccable writing are immeasurable but their ability to be so real is what truly brings an audience. While it would be the longest post known to man to list all our favorites, we thought sharing a handful would be fun from time to time. We are starting with some fantastic goodies!blogswelove

  1. Love Taza – If you haven’t discovered them yet you will immediately fall head over heels for Taza and her adorable family. Lovely musings about living in NYC and raising a family. We are obsessed with the way they enjoy life together and are not caught up in being impossibly perfect. Her blog and their smiles bring a little sunshine with every post.
  2. Joy the Baker – Joy has a fun, retro feel to both her writing and her baking- both of which keep us coming back for more. To top it off, her blog is filled with lots of helpful baking tidbits!
  3. The Glamourai – Super stylish, super chic and super cute. Kelly has it all and then some. Normally we would be intimidated by someone with such a fabulous lifestyle but her writing and overall demeanor brings her right down to earth with the rest of us.
  4. The Wiegands – Casey writes about a lot of things- babies, faith, art, cooking and her take on life. Regardless of what she is writing about- its captivating from start to finish and so inspiring.
  5. Dear Baby – Melissa was pregnant with her second child when we were pregnant with our little girls (her son Arlo and Brandy J’s Jettie were born on the same day!). Her sharp maternity style is what first drew our attention but the creative and brilliant writing keep us coming back. She feels like an old friend who happens to have effortless style and a drop dead gorgeous family.
  6. Bakers Royale – One look at this page and our explanation is done. The drool-worthy images and eclectic flavor combinations had us at hello!
  7. Kendi Everyday – Oh Kendi, how we love you! Smart, witty and doesn’t take herself too seriously. In the world of everyday style bloggers Kendi makes you feel more welcome than “don’t you wish you were hot like me”. Don’t be fooled though, her fashion sense is keen and she makes it accessible for all.
  8. ohdeardrea – Drea and her sweet little Marlowe are constantly on the go- and Drea whips up some pretty impressive toddler meals. Her writing is raw and vulnerable, giving the reader real glimpses into their nontraditional lifestyle.



5 thoughts on “blogs we love

  1. I totally agree that some of the best inspiration comes from other bloggers. I haven’t heard of a lot of those, but I’m excited to check em out!

    ps, I love the picture of your daughter above this post! She’s adorable 🙂


    • Thanks Sarah! She is quite the toddler, lots of fun and full of spunk! These blogs are simply wonderful and we hope you get a chance to check them all out! Enjoy! 🙂 – brandy j

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