boyfriend found

boyfriend_1For months I have been on a mission to find the perfect boyfriend jeans.  The obsession began last summer when I spied many of my favorite style bloggers sporting them – all looking tomboy chic, all making me very envious.  They seemed so versatile and a refreshing change of pace from the “get a running start and jump in” super skinny jeans.  Unfortunately they proved more effortless in looks than finding.  My first try – way too big and way too slouchy.  Returned for the next size down and the fit was even more appalling.  Moved onto a different brand and discovered similar issues.  If it wasn’t for my pinterest style boards being filled with fabulous looks in boyfriends I would have thrown in the towel.  And then last week a small miracle happened.  While scouring the internet for a bridesmaid dress (for a certain someone’s wedding), I landed on Mango’s site and took a quick look at their denim.  There they were, all torn up and hugging the hips just right.  It took me all of 8 seconds to decide and 3 days later they were on my doorstep.  My breath was held as I slid on each leg, clasped the button and turned to look in the mirror.  Mission complete, boyfriend jeans found – exhale.  Now my blazers, sweatshirts, tees, sweaters and endless other tops have a new beau in their lives (and a beefier one to boot).boyfriend_2 boyfriend_3 boyfriend_4 boyfriend_5|WEARING|Mango boyfriend jeans/Forever 21 blouse/belt similar here/chain necklace similar here/pendant necklace similar here/chain bracelet similar here/brown bag similar here/tan t-strap pumps similar here

If you are coveting a pair of boyfriend’s here are a few to try.  All under $75, some holier than others and more than likely only one if not any will work.  This is a labor of love but the endless ensemble options and pure comfort bliss you will find in the perfect pair makes it more than worth the effort.jeans1KUT from the Kloth Women’s Catherine Boyfriend Jean2Warehouse Boyfriend Jean31969 sexy boyfriend jeans4Women’s Cropped Skinny Boyfriend Jeans

Happy boyfriend shopping,



6 thoughts on “boyfriend found

  1. I feel like boyfriend jeans always look so much better on tall gals! I really love them though! Just not sure my 5’2″ self could pull it off. Great find, pretty Brandy!

    • Lisa I totally think you could rock them! I believe the old navy and KUT both come in petite. Give them a shot gorgeous little girl! 🙂 brandy j

    • Hi Crystal! I am thinking I need to try a different pair now because I love these so much! 🙂 – brandy j

  2. I totally know what you mean!! I have been seeing everyone wearing it, and looking oh so cute! And now you are added to list of CUTE bf jeans that I need to get me my own!!

    ps: you look gorgeous, great outfit, all of it!


    • Thanks so very much Shio! I absolutely love them! They really “grow” after wearing all day which I think adds to the whole “slouchy I don’t care” boyfriend jean look. Hope you find some you love soon! – brandy j

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