simple steps to fabulous brows

As women, we have all heard the scenario, “you wake up late and have five minutes to get ready.. what do you throw on your face?”  Most people answer with mascara, blush or lip-gloss.  Not me.  For years and years I had terrible eyebrows. My older sister called them the caterpillars that lived on my face, and she wasn’t being mean- she was being honest.   I was terrified of waxing and tweezing and tried all sorts of strange mechanisms to “groom” my brows without having to do the dirty work, but nothing did the trick.  At some point I finally got acquainted with tweezers and learned that the pot of wax at the salon was my friend.  Then, a few years later, I came across Bare Escentuals Brow ColorLife changer.  

eybrow_tutorial_0First things first, grab your tweezers and shape up those brows! 1. Using your brow brush, create a visual line from the side of your nose, straight up for guidance on where your brow should begin.  2. Your natural arch can be found by visualizing a line from the tip of your nose through the pupil of your eye.  3.  Your brow should only extend from the corner of your eye.  Tweeze or wax any strands outside of  your basic shape perimeter.


The hard part is done!  Grab an angled brow brush, your favorite brow enhancement product, and get bold!  Bare Escentuals Brow Color is great for many reasons- it comes in five shades (even red!!), it is easy to apply, and best of all it stays put all day.  No smudging- and no, your eyebrow will not be running down your face if you hit the gym after work.  You can go as bold or natural as you would like- I usually dab from the lid before applying.


Starting in and working your way out, use quick, swift brush strokes following the natural direction of your brow.  Go dark for a bold look, or keep it light for a more natural look.  Have fun with it!


Bye-bye caterpillars, hello fabulous.



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