simple steps to fabulous brows

As women, we have all heard the scenario, “you wake up late and have five minutes to get ready.. what do you throw on your face?”  Most people answer with mascara, blush or lip-gloss.  Not me.  For years and years I had terrible eyebrows. My older sister called them the caterpillars that lived on my […]

purple boxless samoas

The first cookies I ever crushed on came in the form of a purple box that I was forced to sell door to door like a vacuum salesman. Okay, maybe forced isn’t the right word, but seriously, it was pretty miserable. (Yes, I was a girl scout for a hot second.) All jokes aside, I […]

spring resolutions

My house is rarely quiet. Between a shrieking toddler and my noisy mixer, the silence is far and between. Sometimes I think back to life before baby, life before my crazy business venture- those quiet days of living alone in my little one bedroom apartment. I would be lying if I told you I miss […]

smitten on coconut

Lately my eyes seem to be drawn to anything and everything coconut.  I first blame my lust on our recent trip to Hawaii (coconut shrimp, coconut scones, coconut beer, yes I said beer), but I am also placing a large majority of the blame on the coconut cream cupcake that I experienced at Cakes For a […]