boyfriend found

For months I have been on a mission to find the perfect boyfriend jeans.  The obsession began last summer when I spied many of my favorite style bloggers sporting them – all looking tomboy chic, all making me very envious.  They seemed so versatile and a refreshing change of pace from the “get a running […]

fairly neutral

This past weekend Jettie and I did some bathing suit shopping.  Recently she had her first swim lesson and I naively assumed the slightly big suit from last Summer would fit like a dream this Spring – it fit but only after I stood on the bottom and stretched it all the way up to […]

lake wear

Every year, when the weather begins to turn warm, my family heads North to a quaint island named Kelleys.  She is not particularly fancy but there’s something enchanting about her quiet streets and eclectic community.  This is the one place I travel where heels are more than likely left at home (but not always – […]

forcing spring

Packing for my weekend in Kalamazoo, MI I knew that I wanted to wear a “transitional” Spring look for our Saturday dinner plans.  Pleased with my choice I happily zipped my bag and off I went with an “I’m such a smart planner” grin.  Halfway there I took a peek at the weather forecast – […]

her style | ashley

We had the pleasure of visiting my beautiful cousin Ashley yesterday for her son’s belated one year photo session!  Knowing she would have her closet spring ready I of course had to sneak in a few images of this stylish mom.  While perusing her wardrobe I spied a few new pieces from Target.  Ash filled […]